The Bible and Success

The Bible and Success

The Bible and Success are seldom spoken in the same sentence, but they should be. Developing your spiritual life, the inner person or the character is the Bible’s goal. As your spirit develops, your attitude becomes in harmony with God.  Your character to progress, achieve, prosper, and properly manage increases in life is developed. Jesus promised to give new life to you and that more abundantly. Your life will be in its fullest and highest achievable potential. You develop the best character with love, joy, and peace. Your new character produces prosperity and brings good success. You are delighted to work diligently in your field of knowledge.
Success is Beautiful

There are different levels of potential in life. The Bible encourages success in your life now. It helps you discover your unique ability and how to use it. Discovering your purpose, setting achievable goals, and working effectively with efficiency helps you reach your best in God. God promises lasting blessings to you the diligent purposeful worker. You manage resources properly in life. You work purposefully and will face challenges and hardships. Overcoming these will help you achieve beneficial results for others as well as yourself.

What is Success?

Success is elusive and should not be sought. The definition of success varies. To keep the definition simple, success is “completing a task, desire, or goal with favorable outcomes/results.”

Often Success is related to material possessions such as large houses, expensive cars, or large bank accounts. These are success indicators and should not be confused with being successful.

There are times when the definitions for prosper. Prosperous or prosperity are used to define success. You prosper when you properly managing financial resources attained through diligence, honesty, and service to your life and others.

Possession of material things is usually defined as success or being successful. Success can bring you prosperity or make you prosperous increasing finances and possession. An abundance of money and material possessions is not success. Possessions can be obtained through avenues other than success. You can inherit money or possessions, receive a windfall, or some other gift.

Personal success requires a certain attitude and character to overcome adverse and challenging situations to reach the expected favorable result. Undoubtedly unselfish love, joy, integrity, health, and peace of mind are some character traits of a successful person. Achieving these qualities will produce success in your life.

Your enduring success comes through training and developing your character. You will develop the mindset to prioritize and commit to your objectives. You can develop creativity, focus, love for others, and diligent. to point productive traits.

Achievements are the result of consistent disciplined actions integrated into a process of planned activities to achieve a favorable outcome. Success is not a destination but is attracted by achieved goals. It is maintained by repetitive productive actions. Pursuing success is not the wisest way to become successful. Success is based on who you become through life experience.

Biblical Examples of Success

The Bible contains accounts of several successful people who endured overwhelming odds. For example, Joseph rose from prison to become the second-highest official in Egypt. David the shepherd boy defeated Goliath and became king of Israel. Nehemiah the butler became the rebuilder of the wall around Jerusalem while enemies continually assaulted him and the workers.
Bible Based Success

Jesus Christ is the epitome of success. As the Lamb of God, His purpose was to be the redeeming sacrifice for your sinful nature. He made the way to reconcile you to God and restore you to fellowship with the Father. He did this by way of dying on Calvary. Three days afterward Christ rose from death and later ascended to heaven. Jesus Christ is seated on the right hand of the Father to receive His former glory. This is Success!

They obtained successes before increasing things. Your attitude to succeed is developed by devotion to God and obedience to His Word. You can possess the character traits such as obedience, integrity, faith, hope, and willingness to accomplish your goals as they did. They achieved their highest potential in life now and in the future. You have the same opportunity.

The attitude of success is an attitude to overcome, learn and grow. The Bible says God desires you to be spiritually developed, obey His word, and become prosperous with good success. God desires and gives you the opportunity to succeed. For God says I give you power to get wealth. Your attitude and character attract success to your life.

Biblical Based Success

Biblical and human-based success has different motives, attitudes, and characteristics. This kind of success starts with developing courage enough to obey God’s laws and commandments. God’s laws and commandments help discover His Divine plan and purpose for your life.

Obeying God’s commandments leads to the divinely designed plan to achieve God’s purpose in your life to give abundant life. God gave Joshua the divine plan for success. Biblical success is founded on pillars of love for God to receive and obey His word. You will develop character traits such as love, integrity, equity, virtue, honor, trust, and service to God and one another.

The believer commits to studying, learning, remembering God’s commandments, and obeying them. The result is prosperity and good success. Obedience and love are bold actions of a courageous and strong character.

Achieving success by biblical standards does not eliminate challenges, opposition, or failures. Success by biblical standards is following God’s Divine plan for life is followed and God’s Divine purpose will yield the greatest and most favorable results. Commitment, priority, faith, hope, love, focus, trust, and diligence are required to achieve prosperity and good success.

The Bible and Success in Your Life

The Bible encourages strengthening your spiritual life in righteousness. A righteous spirit changes your attitude to form the proper character to progress, achieve, prosper with good success, and properly manage increases in life. I Am a Winner!

Jesus said, I am come to give life and that more abundantly. Abundant life is life in its fullest and highest achievable potential developing the best character with love, joy, and peace. This character produces prosperity and brings success to the individual who diligently works in their field of knowledge.

We all have different levels of full potential in life. Everyone’s lifestyle is to be productive. Discover your purpose, setting achievable goals, and working effectively and efficiently to reach your highest potential gives you clarity of vision. God promises enduring blessings to the diligent purposeful worker who manages resources properly in life. These blessings come to you for purposefully working while facing challenges and overcoming hardships to achieve beneficial results for others as well as themselves.


Reading and studying the Bible help you develop the best foundation for success. Exercising faith and obedience to God’s written word helps receive His Living Word and gives you clarity of the divine plan for your life with an attitude to achieve. As you develop diligence to pursue your desire, you will increase knowledge and pursuit of God’s will and purpose in your life. This creates the desire to overcome all opposition and realize dreams.

Faithful obedience to God’s word enlightens and pulls you forward to reach your highest potential. Consistent faith and obedience to realize your Divine purpose and God’s promise to you is the empowering force to serve God, family, and society. Resources will be managed properly. You will produce love, respect, and trust from others.

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