Goal Setting, Why Is It Important?

Imagine getting in your car to take a trip without knowing your destination. How will you get there? When will you arrive? How will you know which route to take without a road map? You could make a wild guess and drive around aimlessly as one tripping, stumbling, and groping in the dark. Soon you will likely give up and hopefully find your way back to your original place, home. This article contains links that will benefit us when you click them and purchase the product or service.

Goal setting is important in achieving any task you desire in your private life, at work, or in business. The value of goal setting is seen in every endeavor a person or organization desires to achieve favorable results. Goal-setting techniques are important because goals give us direction, challenge, commitment, responsibility, and clarity. You must evaluate progress for each goal consistently.

Goal Setting Gives Direction

Living your life without setting goals is like attempting to go upstream without oars or adjusting the sails. You will be forced to travel whichever way the wind blows and the current flows to get results. You might like where the boat docks, but most likely you will not like the destination. It is like saying your future is in the hands of fate or destiny.

Why is goal setting important? When you do not have goals, you will not be motivated to do work and will have no desire to achieve, or you will have a false sense of achievement. When you are designing your life plan, goals give you directions and illuminate the path to move toward your vision. Allowing someone else to set your goals is allowing them to design your life. This is like not having goals.

Most people will not set goals that will benefit them as much as it does them. It is not wise to allow someone else to set your goals. It is good to seek advice from trusted and successful people but set your own goals. When you set your goals, you are designing the lifestyle you will live. Design your life according to your vision and pursuit by setting personal goals.

Goals Give Clarity

Setting specific goals will increase your ability to define the goal and set steps to take on the path to achieving your destiny. Knowing where you are and who you are now where you desire to be and the person you desire to become illuminates the path to fulfilling your vision or dream. When you know where you are going, goals will give you the steps to get there. Goals are the steps in the path leading to your destiny.

Capture a reasonable and true reason for desiring this goal and know why you are pursuing this goal. Avoid making your purpose be to get more money unless it is for a purpose other than yourself. When you have planned your goals, you must be motivated, have clarity, stay focused and complete the goal. There are times when you must encourage yourself.

Turn away from negative thinking, negative friends, negative environments, and negative actions which blur your vision. Use affirmations to encourage yourself, restore hope to see your value, and your ability to work your plan to accomplish your goal.

Goals Should Challenge You

Your goals should be challenging. Setting easy goals will not stimulate your creativity or problem-solving abilities. Set large goals that will challenge your abilities but not so large you cannot achieve them. You may not know now but can acquire the knowledge. Develop the necessary expertise to accomplish your vision. For instance, you may not have the knowledge of a Carpenter but can attend a technical school and learn to become a Carpenter.

Do not set your goals for what you can see with your natural eye. Set your goals based on your imagination. Use your mind’s eye to see what can become. Goals are not for what you are now but for what you can become in the future. They’re not for what you can do now but for what you can learn to do in the future.

Understand goals are not for the present but for the future you. Be sure to challenge yourself with something that will stretch and pull you to the next level of the new you. You can start with easy wins, and short baby steps to avoid discouragement. Gradually take larger steps, moving up in difficulty to achieve larger goals.

Goals Require Commitment

Most would like to achieve a certain goal in life. Many know about setting goals. They write their goals down and set a time frame to work, but they do not achieve their goals. The lack of commitment causes any goal to be unaccomplished. It is not anything outside of you. it is a personal commitment. It is in you. you must have the willingness to give your goal your best effort.

Commit all you are and all that you know to achieve your goal. You must be willing to give your goal all your energy, time, knowledge, and every resource in you to bring it to reality. Commit yourself fully to achieving the goal that will bring you closer to your vision.

Goals Require Responsibility

Once you have planned your goals, take responsibility to accomplish your goals. When planning your goals plan as though it all depends upon the process and when you began to work, do it as if it all depends on you. Develop the attitude “If it is to be it is up to me.” Action is always after thinking, talking, and writing.

Responsibility begins when you act on what you have planned. Accepting responsibility gives you control to determine the details of your goal and to define what success looks like to you. Responsibility builds you inwardly and is evident outward as you move to completion.

Goals Require Evaluation

Make time at the end of the day to check your progress or at the end of the week. If it takes a month to complete your goal, evaluate it at the end of the month to check your progress. When you have completed your goal, look over the path you took to completion to find out if there is anything that can be done better to yield a more favorable outcome. Never forget to get feedback for your actions.

Here are some questions that can be used to evaluate your last project when you seek more favorable results.

  1. What came out favorable?
  2. Did this get me closer to my vision?
  3. Which item should be eliminated?
  4. How it can be done better?
  5. What should be continued?


Knowing where you are and who you are now about where you desire to help achieve goals. Gain clarity on the person you desire to become. Clarity illuminates the path to fulfilling your vision or dream. This is a short article on goal setting and why it is important and does not contain in-depth information.

Goals do not have to be difficult to achieve. Goals illuminate the path to your vision. Work to become the person you seek to become to achieve the things you desire. You must first realize the importance of setting goals to have clarity, commitment, challenge, responsibility, and evaluation of your progress.

Learn to avoid the error of not setting powerful goals by setting SMART goals. Be sure your goals are specific, measurable, attainable, responsible, and time-oriented. Reach new levels in your personal life and your professional life by setting goals. Believe, be encouraged, be determined, be persistent, be consistent, and persevere toward your goal.

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