How to Create Change in Your Life

Change brings joy in the morning

How to create change in your life? Everyone desires and expects life to change. Some look for others to do something to bring their change, others expect laws to change, or for situations or circumstances to bring a change. They wait for outside events or other people to cause change in their life. Waiting around for something or someone other than yourself to create change in you will likely end in disappointment.  To create change in your life you must be personally involved.

The only way to make a change in your life is to change your thinking.  You must determine in your mind to change. Change always starts in your mind. If you want to come out of an unpleasant lifestyle, you must change how you think first. When your mind is changed your thinking is changed and your life will be transformed. The thoughts dominate your mind will come to reality in your life. Your thoughts create the lifestyle you live.

When you experience a mindset change, you trade in darkness for light, negativity for positive living, oppression for relief, bondage for liberty. When you allow your mind to be renewed you choose to change your thinking. A renewed mind will cause you to view difficulties, oppositions, resistance from a different perspective. You will view these as opportunities to learn and grow. In Chinese the word for crisis has two characters. One signifies “danger” and the other represent “change point.” When one sees danger, pause to evaluate the situation. Identify the level of the threat and find What change is needed to continue.

How to Create Change in Your Life

Shift your thinking from expecting something or someone outside of you to create change your life to focusing on yourself to originate your change. You must evaluate yourself, how you think and what you think and decide to create change in your thinking to change your life. The thoughts that dominate your mind will create your lifestyle. The Bible says as a person thinks in the heart so is that person. This includes everyone. Whatever thoughts you receive will be saved in your subconscious mind and will create your personality, character and lifestyle. Positive thoughts will create positive personality, character and lifestyle. Negative thoughts will create negative personality, character and lifestyle.

When you focus on hostility, hatred, anger or other negativity they will dominate your mind and you will gravitate to likeminded people as they will be drawn to you. Your life and environment will be filled with negativity which will hinder achievement. To change your lifestyle, you must change your thinking and avoid negative associations. Do not depend on someone else or something outside of you to create change in you. An attitude shift in you begins new life for you. You are the one who must began changing you.

Believe You Can Create Change in your Life

The inability to change your thoughts has been repeated so many times it has entered your subconscious. You can control how long you think about anything. The repetition of a negative thought in your conscious mind will plant it in your subconscious mind. Do not expect overnight success. It takes to undo years of rooted in your behavior. Someone may say “this is just me; I can’t help it.” Someone said “if you think you cannot then you cannot. If you think you can then you can.” Your brain will find a way to do what you think. It may take time, but it will happen.

The mind is obedient to physical or spiritual desires. When the spirit is weak the unrenewed mind caters to physical appetites which develop negative thoughts and behavior. How to create change in your mind starts with strengthening your spirit. Search yourself, be truthful about who you are and commit to change your life. Return to your source, your creator and develop like mindedness with God. Study and search the Bible earnestly to discover positive character traits. Find God’s will for your life and pursue it. Decide to follow the things of God to feed your mind and avoid things opposing God.

Feed Your Mind Positive

Your mindset will not change when you feed it the same thing as always. To overcome negative influences in your life, change what you are feeding your mind. Negative thoughts have become strongholds in your subconscious and refuse to give up their place. The mindset creates and controls person you are and creates your lifestyle. You can control what goes into your mind and how long you think about any topic. The thoughts you dwell on continuously are rooted in your mind and create your mindset.

Years negative thinking may have become your default thoughts, but you can began feeding your conscious mind with positive and productive information to create value, build your integrity and strengthen your character. When you teach your mind positive productive ideas and thoughts, they are saved in your subconscious to replace unproductive ones. It will take some time for the new information to become your default thoughts, so be patient. Your present thinking was created by years of feeding your mind to create your present state. Become persistent, consistent, and patient for change to happen.

 How to Create Change When You Speak

Speak what you believe and believe what you speak. Do not trust feelings. Feelings move from one extreme to the other and can be unreliable. The power of life and death is in what you speak by faith in faith. When you speak by faith you create the existence of it in your conscious mind and it is saved in your subconscious mind. Your mind will alert you to opportunities to fulfill what you spoke. You must decide to utilize the opportunity that presents itself. Principles to prosper and have good success in life are throughout the Bible. Follow that path revealed to you with confidence and you will discover amazing changes in you.

Don’t use what you see to be a gauge of your future. Develop your new mindset with morally right thoughts to determine what changes you make in life. Speak positively who you would like to become and what you would like to achieve. When Jesus completed 40 days of fasting and prayer, he was tempted by Satan. Jesus did not think about scriptures, he spoke scriptures by faith to overcome the temptations and challenges of the devil. Remember do not speak your feelings in times of challenges and oppositions but speak God’s word by faith to overcome traumatic situations and receive victory.

Resist the Negative and Receive the Positive.

When you hear positive thoughts receive them by repeating them. We learn by repetition. When we received knowledge in your conscious mind and repeat it, the sub conscious mind stores it. It seems we automatically repeat negative words we hear. It seems positive words do not automatically remain in our thoughts. We even seek out negative information. We read the newspaper or listen to the news but we’re not searching for positive stories. It is the negative that draws our attention.

Develop a new habit to seek the positive words and thoughts intentionally. There are five things you can practice daily to strengthen positive change in your life. They are discussed in another article at Divine Principles for Success. You cannot stop a bird from flying over your head, but you don’t have to let it build a nest in your hair. When bad thoughts come do not let them stay. Speak positive words to counter the negative thoughts and ideas. God’s word is the best way to defeat the negative. Remember the negative produces destruction but the positive constructs beneficial ideas for others and you.


How to create change in your life? Look at yourself and not others.  Change negative to positive. realize it will not happen overnight. Each day you encounter change in your life celebrate the victory. Become positive at the earliest time possible. Discipline yourself to solidify change in your life. Focus on and commit to allow God’s change in you. Experience change and discover new ideas.

Expect the unexpected. Expecting something that has not happened in your life is hope. Hope is where the impossible becomes possible, miracles are born, and growth begins.  Expect your miracle every day. I encourage you to make today the day you start expecting change in your life.

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