How to Make a Life Change That Works

Life is changing invariably and is an unavoidable necessity. We may not willingly accept change; however, change happens. We see change all around us. Adults were once children. As our bodies change, our minds change as well. As it is said “when I was a child I spoke as a child, thought as a child, and reasoned as a child, when I become a man, I put away childish things.” We go through changes every day, in fact several times a day.

While life changes, we can intentionally make a life change. How to make a life change that works? Change how you think! Changing your mindset will change the habits dominating your mind. How you think and what you think about forms your mindset, your attitude. Your mindset develops habits in life. Habits create character and character is the guiding force in developing your lifestyle. Habits can be positive, beneficial, and productive, or habits can be negative, destructive, and unproductive. You must decern which habits are positive and which habits are negative.

Jesus Christ spoke of changing your life by saying, “you must be born again (KJV).” It is clearer when Paul says be transformed (change your life) by a renewed mind. Do not allow society to design your life. Design your own unique path according to your dream and abilities. When you keep the same habits, your lifestyle does not change. To make a change in life you must intentionally change your mindset and receive change in you. Below are five elements to make a life change that works. Be Organize, Optimize Time Use, Set Goals, Create a Life Plan, and Action.

Be Organized to Make a Life Change That Works

The first element of “How to Make a Life Change That Works” is being organized. Being organized is more than files and paperwork. The process of systematically arranging tasks to produce the desired result effectively and efficiently is organization. Without organization you may find yourself repeating what you have already done or missing necessary steps to accomplish goals or losing key instructions or notes needed to complete goals effectively. Your first step is to organize your mind and attitude to be organized in your thinking and your actions.

Consistent discipline is the best action to maximize getting organization. You can have as much knowledge as possible, several degrees, and great understanding, but without being organized all will be ineffective. Being organized is the basis for achieving anything you set out to do or become. Did you make up your bed when you got up? That’s a great start!

You must discipline yourself to keep your thoughts and your work area organized to find what you need when you need it. Having the best tools, the most expensive work area and being disorganized will cause your progress to drag. Here are five items to get started organized.

  1. Write ideas and good suggestions in a journal or whatever is your recording method.
  2. Use a planner or an agenda to set your day’s activities.
  3. For weekly tasks, set a day of the week for each one.
  4. Declutter your computer files. File similar subjects together.
  5. Maintain your organization daily.

These are to give a boost in getting started. The list is too long for this posting. You can brainstorm and create a list that fits your lifestyle.

Optimize Time Use to Make a Life Change That Works

The second element to “How to make a life change that works?” is optimize your time usage. Time management is the process of planning and exercising conscious control of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.  Time optimization is making the best use of time. We are given 24 hours a day. Proper use of time determines your progress. These tips will help you make a life change that works.

  1. Prioritize your activities. A (Urgent and Important), B (Important), C (Needed), D (Delegated).
  2. Work one “A” category, three “B” category tasks, work five “C” category tasks each week. This will help increase your focus. Delegate when necessary.
  3. Use an agenda or day planner to schedule activities
  4. Schedule a day and time each week for recurring activities.

To refine your schedule, use the next seven days to track time usage. Record the time you worked on the task. Your goal is to estimate time used productively and eliminate time wasters or distractions. Be honest with yourself, you are learning how to make a life change that works by making the best use of time. Trade unproductive activities for productive activities. Categorize, prioritize and plan your activities.

Set New Goals to Make a Life Change That Works

The third element of “How to make a life change” is set goals. Goals gives directions, accountability, responsibility, measures progress, and identify success. The Bible says you must make a good effort to achieve the goal of God’s gifting. Do all you can do with what you possess to accomplish your goal one step at a time.

When you achieve a goal, you will realize success comes with achievement. Do not seek success, attract success. Goals are the guides leading to your destination. Your vision is a long journey, made one step at a time. If you can conceive it, believe it’s yours, and receive it into your life. Write it down. Describe in detail. Plan it and do it.

Know your purpose. Your purpose is stronger than the objective. Knowing your purpose will pull you to the vision and into the vision. Your purpose is your reason for seeking the vision and your reason for becoming the person who will possess the vision.

Create a Life Plan to Make a Life Change That Works!

Making a life change that works requires you to develop an effective life plan.

Start where you are with your abilities and resources and move where you intend to go. Knowing where you are is a key factor in determining the kind of strategy you create for yourself. Your strategy is your road map that will direct you in a path leading you to your vision. To create your strategy there are certain elements needed to assure success.

  • Vision. The dream that sparks the fire. The desired result.
  • Mission. What and how you will achieve the vision
  • Purpose. Why you are doing what you are doing. It should not be about money but have a money goal.

Do not focus on being perfect, that will distract you. Plan, Do, Evaluate, Refine, and Re-do. Remember it is a process, one step at a time.


The power of how to make a life change that works is action. Making a life change is not based on having the knowledge or being organized or how to use your time or how to set powerful goals but applying the knowledge you acquire. Having the knowledge to make a change in life and not using it is worse than not knowing how to make a life change. Deploying yourself in the knowledge you have acquired will require consistent discipline and faith in yourself and abilities.

Consistent discipline is a habit that can be formed in your life. Achievers are those who are action takers. They study, learn and act on the knowledge they have gained. Achievers commit to their vision, delight fully work. and are confident their abilities and source. Jesus Christ taught his students and commanded them, Go!

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