Hi everyone, welcome to my Divine Principles For Success website. Understanding the Bible has been a passion of mine for over 40 years. I have purchased various versions of the Bible and study helps to improve my understanding of life and the Bible.

As a student of the Bible with a limited opportunity to attend college, I sought the alternative of self-teaching and learning from others who were pastors and leaders in the church. This came in the form of personal study time and continuing education courses through the church I attended. Sometimes I went to bed continually reading and studying what was in the Bible. There are transerrable truths that can be applied to secular as well as spiritual life. The bible is a book of life.

Over the years I have learned everyone has purpose and personal gifts (abilities) from God. The process to achieve is not given to a few but is available to all. This process I call Divine Principles For Success because the principles are in the Bible. I hope to help people of all cultures and backgrounds understand the Bible is a book that should be read and understood as a book to enhance life and guide personal success to live more abundantly now, Today.

Divine Principles For Success will share transferable truths that will help any person interested in achieving to understand they too can live life to its fullest potential.
I have learned and used principles of success in the Bible to achieve throughout my life. These are the same principles successful organizations and people use in leadership development, team building, business growth as well as teaching personal growth.

Now I would like to share what I have learned through studying, life experience and educational pursuits with others. I have attained a BA from University of Memphis in Memphis TN, MA from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary Linchburg VA.

About My Christian Experience.

I grew up in a Christian home. We attended Sunday services every Sunday, Bible study, Sunday school and church training union. When I turned 16 years of age, I strayed away from the teachings of Jesus Christ. I had an epiphany over overseas in the military that awaken me to my need to follow the path of Christian life.

When I returned home from the military, became a member of our family church and later became a minister. I began to study and seek the knowledge and principles that were in the Bible. It was then that I realized that God has made us to be creative and to design our own life. It is clear in the Bible that Jesus came to give life and that more abundantly. To live abundantly is to live a life of  productiveness prospering  with good success.

Through my studies and life experience I realize that these principles are universal, no human controls them. They are not exclusively for The Christian community or for a select few but to anyone who will apply them. The Bible says it rains on the just (Christian) and the unjust (non-Christian). Because these principles are in the Bible, I call “Divine Principles For Success.” That does not mean they are not found previous to the Bible. The Bible is my source of choice.


Through studying, education and life experience I have learned and compiled biblical precepts (principles) that can be used by anyone seeking to achieve. My anme for these principles is “Divine Principles for Success” because they are from the Bible, God’s Word. It does not matter if you are searching for your dream or just started to work on your dream or are a veteran of years, “Divine Principles for Success” can help you go to your next level.


Through Divine Principles of Success, we will be helping others achieve their objectives to achieve a more prosperous successful lifestyle. Life has taught me how become a person of integrity and to strive to reach my full potential. We are designed to be and do our best to be productive as we prosper and have good success.

My desire is to share these Divine Principles of Success with you, your team or organization.


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