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Hi everyone, welcome to my Divine Principles For Success website. Understanding and teaching the Bible has been a passion of mine for over 40 years. I have purchased various versions of the Bible and study helps to improve my understanding of life and the Bible.

Early in my life, the opportunity to attend college was limited. Developing a habit of studying the Bible and learning from pastors and leaders in the church was important for me. My informal education was expanded through continual education courses.  As time progressed, my opportunity to further my education opened. I have attained a BA from the University of Memphis in Memphis TN, MA from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary Lynchburg VA. The Bible contains truths that can be applied to secular as well as spiritual life.

My Discovery.

Over the years I have learned everyone has a purpose and personal gifts (abilities) from God. The process to achieve is not given to a few but is available to all. There are transferrable truths that can be applied to secular as well as spiritual life. I have learned the bible is a book about life and a book of life. I desire to help people of all cultures and backgrounds understand the Bible and encourage them to read and study It. Read for understanding and to enhance your life and guide personal success to live more abundantly in this life.

Divine Principles For Success will focus on helping others interested in achieving to understand they can follow Christ and live life to its fullest potential. Christian living does not forbid anyone from prospering and having success. I have learned and used principles of success in the Bible to achieve throughout my life. Successful people have used these principles, even if they were not aware of them. These are the same principles successful organizations and people use in leadership development, team building, business growth as well as teaching personal growth.

 My Christian Experience.

I grew up in a Christian home. We attended Sunday services every Sunday, Bible study, Sunday school, and church training union. When I turned 16 years of age, I strayed from the teachings of Jesus Christ. I had an epiphany in Pordenone, Italy while in the military. I had enough money for three days of food but two weeks before being able to return to the USA.  I prayed to God the Father for forgiveness and deliverance. I begin trusting God and following Christ’s teachings.

When I returned home from the military, I became a member of our family church. I later became a preacher. I began to study and seek knowledge, understanding, and wisdom in the Bible. It was then that I realized that God created us to be creative and design our own life intentionally. It is clear in the Bible that Jesus came to give life and that more abundantly. To live abundantly is to live a life of productiveness prospering with good success to your fullest potential.

These principles are universal, no human controls them. They are not exclusively for the Christian community or a select few. Anyone can apply them and succeed. The Bible says it rains on the just (Christian) and the unjust (non-Christian). Because these principles are ordained by God and in the Bible, I call them “Divine Principles For Success.”

To Help Others Achieve

Through studying, education, and life experience I have learned and compiled biblical precepts (principles) that can be used by anyone seeking to achieve. If you are searching for your dream or just started to work on your dream or are a veteran of years, “Divine Principles For Success” can help you go to your next level.

Our Objective

Divine Principles of Success will help others achieve their objectives and live a more prosperous successful lifestyle. You can intentionally become a person of integrity and strive to reach your full potential. We are created and designed to become our best. Follow these principles and become productive to prosper and have good success.

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